Meet Our Team

  • Heather M. Filer, D.C.

    Heather M. Filer, D.C.

    Dr. Filer is the area's Premiere Chiropractic Trigger Point Specialist. She has a B.S. in Human Biology from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and graduated from Texas Chiropractic College with a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine in 1994.

  • Ben Meyers, D.C.

    Ben Meyers, D.C.

    Dr. Ben implements a wide variety of techniques and therapies depending on the unique needs and preferences of his patients. He is skilled in the use of Diversified technique, Active Release Technique, trigger point therapy, Kinesio-athletic taping, and many others

  • Dave Simmons, D.C.

    Dave Simmons, D.C.

    Dr. Dave earned his doctor of chiropractic degree from Texas Chiropractic College in 2009. Dr. Simmons provides outstanding treatment and the most beneficial instructions for recovery and wellness.

Meet The Rest Of The Team

What our patients say

  • Dr. Simmons is awesome. He provides great care for his patients and takes the TIME with each one of them. He works with trigger points, muscles work and manipulation before any structural manipulations. Not only he has been awesome with me, but I recommended him a few friends and clients that are very happy with their care as well. As a personal trainer and health coach, I am very particular when it comes to health care and Dr. Simmons has been great on every level!

    Melissa J. , Chiropractic Services

  • "After years of Ortho appointments, PT, and recurring shoulder pain, finally someone decided to send me for an MRI: Dr. Dave Simmons. The MRI showed a full rotator cuff tear. On Dr. Dave's recommendation, have made appointment with an Ortho who specializes in tears. I cant thank Dr. Dave enough for his thorough exam, and Rx for testing. If you can't get answers for your constant pain, are tired of the same old answers, please give Dr. Dave a call. He's honest, professional, and will follow-up with you. Great, great doctor!"

    Linda T, Chiropractic Services

  • "I have been to several chiropractors before, but none compare to Dr. Dave. He is incredibly knowledgeable and explains the reasoning behind each adjustment and procedure as he's working. As a patient, this really puts me at ease. Adjustments are only a part of his process and a lot of muscle work is involved, which has done a world of good for my stiff shoulders and neck. I highly recommend Dr. Dave!"

    C. Coyne, Chiropractic Services

  • “I LOVE Dr. Filer! I will recommend her to everyone I know! I have back and neck issues and she takes the time to work on my problem areas, she doesn’t scoot you out like the other Chiropractors do. I had an issue that I was really worried about so I texted her what was going on with me… In minutes she texted me back and gave me instructions of what to do to help my pain. Her instructions help so much!!! She truly is the best! Thanks Dr. Filer!!!!”

    Tiffany B., Chiropractic Services

  • "I have been FILERIZED! In a fairly short period of time, Dr. Filer's help has made an enormous improvement in my range of motion and has dramatically decreased my level of chronic pain and tension. Thanks, Dr. Filer, for making such a positive difference in my physical well-being! "

    Sari Gruber, opera singer, Chiropractic Services

  • I had been dealing with a shoulder injury, and was convinced that ultimately there was nothing that I could do other than injections or eventually surgery. I met with Dr. Filer and she told me that she could help me. I went in for my 1st appointment and wasn’t totally convinced she would be able to help me. Every other chiropractor experience I have had, the appointments were 10 minutes and all I got was an adjustment. I was amazed at the time and explanations I got from Dr. Filer. After 6 appointments the motion in my shoulder has improved greatly. Most importantly, the pain is almost totally gone.

    Josh, Chiropractic Services

  • "I have been treated by a number of chiropractors over 30 years and in my opinion Dr. Filer is the best. She has gotten me out of some painful situations, is excellent technically, works in a pleasant setting, and takes the time to get to know you personally. In addition, her goal is to help you maintain your improvement. I began a therapeutic program three times per week, but am now seeing her only once every two months. In my book---definitely an A+."

    Roger, Chiropractic Services

  • I love going to Filer Chiropractic. The staff is so friendly and its so convenient to my home. Dr. Filer is the best. I love her professional service and her personality. I have referred her to others many times now and will continue to do so.

    Joshua C., Chiropractic Services